Shenzhen CAZN Electric co., LTD. (registered trademark "CAZN" "EAE")

It belongs to CAZN International (Hong Kong) limited

     It is a professional focus on industrial connection technology enterprises, the company was founded in 2009 in shenzhen, the company's products involved in circular connectors, waterproof connectors, RF connectors, finished wiring harness, low-voltage molding and OEM/ODM business. 

    After years of development, excellent products and very high cost - effective products are more and more popular with our customers. In the context of the IOT and industry 4.0, CAZN products are widely used in wind power generation, high-speed rail, automobile manufacturing, intelligent transportation, intelligent manufacturing, etc., We're gradually becoming the backbone of domestic industrial connectors.      

        The company's sales network is gradually built, and we will set up offices in major cities in China and establish more partners around the world."Professional focus to do good in each product" concept, "to high quality, sincere service" purpose, sincere service for the majority of customers.

Why us?

Serving "more decisive areas"

       VXC Innovative Systemed Connection Solution Provider
       Extremely fast response to demand under the digital service process

CAZN Electric for the automotive, military, aviation and other high-precision areas to provide innovative and reliable system-based connectivity solutions, serving China Aerospace, China Central, GM, BYD and other more than 2000 customers, with excellent product quality and customer-oriented service spirit, for partners to continue to create value.

 CAZN electric in the development path of more than a decade, has won the title of "national high-tech enterprise", with 3 invention patents and 30 utility model patents. It always adheres to the international technical standards and leads the domestic counterparts with its outstanding r&d ability.

CAZN Electric realizes the digitization of the service process, pre-sales consulting, trading and after-sales technical support can be completed online. Digital services can significantly reduce order cycles, making customer development and production cycles more flexible and efficient, and further capturing market opportunities.

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