Industrial RJ45

Industrial RJ45 connectors are different from ordinary RJ45 connectors, the products are more durable, reliable, weather resistance and other characteristics, widely used in industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing and other high-demand fields.

Industrial DB

Industrial DB series using all-metal housing, straight out/side out of the 3 out-of-line types, products from 9 to 50 pins. Good reliability features are widely used in automation and railways and other high-end industries.

Industrial USB/1394

Industrial USB and industrial 1394 mainly for the servo motor, PLC industry design products, products cost-effective, easy to operate and other characteristics.Among them, 1394 has a variety of structural types.

Solenoid valve connector

Solenoid valve connector products are divided into A, B and C three types of structure, there are ordinary and waterproof two types.The products are mainly used in the field of solenoid valve, the products are compatible with famous brands at home and abr

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