Industrial Ethernet

The industrial Ethernet connect series is customized for the international mainstream protocols, designed for industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing services, the products comply with: PROFINET, Ethernet, Ethercat, PROFIBUS, CANopen, Devicenet, cc-lin

Industrial visual

Industrial visual connectors are customized products for industrial cameras, scanning products, products related to Camera Link, GIGE, USB3.0, CoaXPress mainstream protocols, ordinary and drag chain can be customized.

Sensor connectors

Sensor connectors are for vibration, acceleration sensors and photoelectric, inertia, proximity and other sensor development products, according to the application of the special, customized temperature, weather, durability and other products.

Servo motor

Servo motor connectors are mainly developed for European and American motor products, mainly M23, M17 and M12 large current connector products, product performance is good, widely used in the high-end motor industry.

Logistics warehousing

Logistics warehousing serie is designed for logistics transmission, intelligent storage development, high environmental requirements, good performance characteristics.

Industrial robot

Automotive electronics

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